Remixes for the Unwinged : available on 26. October 2013

Free Remixes Album by Chemical Sweet Kid

One year after the release of Chemical Sweet Kid’s second album on Dance Macabre Records the songs of “Broken Wings” have been transposed into the hands of many artists of the electro scene such as Dolls of Pain, Larva, K-Bereit, Stupre,, Ethan Fawkes and many more.

“Remixes for the Unwinged” offers 11 tracks with many different universes to re-discover the CSK’s songs.

Download this album for free from October 26th :

Listen it as much as you like… And don’t forget to share this post!

Unwinged people, have a good time and thank you very much to all the bands who contribute to this album !

Tracklist :

No Way – Dark Line Spectrum Remix
Sick Generation – DOLLS OF PAIN Remix
Broken Wings – Schyzzo.Com Remix
A Brand New World – K-BEREIT Remix
Three Voices – Ethan Fawkes Remix
The Dark Side Of Yourself – SyStr Remix
Dead Inside – Stupre Remix
No Way – Dissection Kit Remix
Three Voices – Larva Remix
No Way – Cortex Defect Remix
Sick Generation – Anamorphosis Remix

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